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Recovery coaching,  recovery, living in recovery, sober

Creating avenues of hope...through spiritual consulting and coaching

The power of connection: release the pain of the past & fear of the future.  Living in recovery from addictions, loss & grief, connection, spiritual bankruptcy requires hope & a relationship with your Spiritual Provenance or Higher Power  

How We Help

Removing Obstacles


We all have places in our life where we are blocked. Working together, we will identify those blocks and find ways for you to overcome these obstacles through the Bounce Methodology of recovery coaching.

Be Your Best Self


Life is full of opportunities, and it is our role to help you figure out which opportunities to take advantage of in order to live the life you want.   Lets put the guilt & shame of addiction behind the fence where it belongs.  And replace it with hope; hope of recovery and sobriety, all through our Bounce Methodology of recovery coaching.

Live Your Vision

recovery coaching, living in recovery, life in recovery, sober-living, addicitions

When you choose to live a vision, you need a strategy to make it come true. Once you have a strategy, a coach will help you along your avenue and get around any obstacles.  Together, we can push start on a recovery strategy that is realistic, reliable, & rewarding.